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Premier Car Concierge Service

Karczar is your premier car concierge service in Tucson AZ. We assist our busy, professional clients in finding their perfect car or helping to sell their high-quality used vehicle. Specializing in sports cars, classic cars, and other hard-to-find vehicles. Providing car buying and car selling concierge service from coast to coast.

Car Buying Broker

Is your heart set on that perfect used sports car or classic vehicle but simply lack the time to search the market, contact the seller, or do your due diligence? That’s where Karczar comes in. We’ve been buying premium vehicles for our prestige clients from coast to coast for over 20 years. We not only do all the legwork, including the option to physically assess the target vehicle, but we also help negotiate the best deal possible. Your time is valuable. Let Karczar take the hassle out of buying your next dream used or classic vehicle.

Car Selling Broker

Do you have a special sports car or classic ride that you just need to let go? Is the dealership offering pennies on the dollar? We understand the value of well-maintained and good-conditioned higher-end vehicles. And, we understand how to find buyers who appreciate and are in the market for those beautiful cars. We not only find the right buyer for your vehicle, but we vet them and help make the complete transaction as seamless as possible to our sellers. Let Karczar take the inconvenience out of selling your used car.

Leading Car Concierge in the Southwest


Our team has over two decades of specialty vehicle transactions.

Most all makes & models

We specialize in  helping to find or sell those hard-to-find, specialty vehicles.

Premium Sports and Classic Vehicles

The Karczar is an expert in dealing with sports cars and classic vehicles.

We preview the vehicle

We can physically review the target vehicle even if in another state.

Locate, Buy and Sell

Whether you are looking to buy or sell that special vehicle, we do it all.

Expert Negotiators

We work hard to get you the price that you are happy with.

Our Portfolio

Loving what we do, and helping our valued clients with their sports, premium and classic car transactions.

2008 Maserati

Extreme Low Miles

  • Prestige
  • Unmatched detail
  • Classic elegance

Acura NSX

Rare and Fast

  • One of the finest sports cars
  • Rare to find
  • Head-turner

2013 Ford Raptor

411 Horsepower

  • Ford Tough
  • Awesome truck
  • Fast and Strong

Car Concierge

Race to your next ride!

Premium Makes & Models

Looking to buy or sell a well-conditioned late model sports car or early model classic? Our car concierge service can manage the process from A to Z.

Premium Car Concierge in Tucson, AZ. Call The Karczar at (520) 471-9330 for premium or classic car.
Premium Car Concierge in Tucson, AZ. Call The Karczar at (520) 471-9330 for premium or classic car.
Premium Car Concierge in Tucson, AZ. Call The Karczar at (520) 471-9330 for premium or classic car.

Robert Sarich, Owner

My passion for premium and classic cars have been with me for years. I take great pride in helping my clients to buy or sell their high-end vehicles, saving them time and inconvenience. With clients from coast to coast and having negotiated cars from Maseratis to BMWs to Ford Raptors, my days are not only busy but exciting.

  • We understand premium vehicles
  • 20 years car concierge experience
  • Expert in assessing cars and their value.
  • We aggressively negotiate for your benefit.

“Really enjoyed working with Rob the Karczar.  I had a very smooth, no hassle experience. Rob found a beautiful white BMW convertible that only had 6,500 miles and with the red interior, I was looking for. Rob was there for me during the entire process and answered all my questions.   I would recommend Rob the Karczar and his services for anyone looking for a new or clean used car experience. Love my car!“ -Emily B. in San Diego

“Selling my Porsche Panamera through Karczar Concierge service was seamless and professional. Rob found a qualified buyer and sold my Porsche quickly. All I had to do…”

“Rob made the stressful task of buying a car as smooth as it possibly could be. He found the exact car for me, negotiated the best deal and took care of all the details…”

“When it came time to sell my gently used Ford Raptor I went to the Karczar.  The thought of selling it myself was not something I felt comfortable doing on my own…”

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