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For a teenager who was in love with sports cars, exotic cars, and road racing, these weekends were like Christmas. And when you’re about 13 years old and you first come face-to-face with that dream car or at a Concours event full of beautiful vehicles, your passion becomes set in stone and continues to this day.

A passion for cars

Let me introduce myself, I’m Rob Sarich the Karczar.  I help people sell and find the perfect vehicle for their needs.  Karczar is an automotive concierge service that provides a clean, clear, concise and painless process to sell your current vehicle or purchase your next one. Over the years my passion for cars created opportunities to own many classic vehicles, muscle cars, sports cars, as well as modern classics.  My involvement with cars of all types and styles is a lifelong passion.

My passion for cars created opportunities to own and sell many classic vehicles, muscle cars, sports cars, as well as modern classics. I also understand that when it comes time to replace your vehicle for another one, whether it is a new daily driver or that bucket list purchase, part of the process is how to sell your old vehicle and received the best possible price. If you’ve never sold a car before, the process can seem daunting. It involves things few people like to do when selling a vehicle such as determining accurate vehicle valuation, how do I market the vehicle on various websites? Answering emails, texts, and phone calls, negotiating price, as well as meeting people you do not know or discussing money with strangers.  Karczar has a better way to sell your vehicle.

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Karczar concierge provides a service to car owners looking to sell their vehicle, from recent makes to classics vehicles, muscle cars, hot rods, sports cars, or exotics I have owned and sold them all. Karczar concierge service concept is to help car owners earn more money than selling or trading through a traditional dealership.   I will personally meet with you, inspect your vehicle, provide an accurate estimate of the vehicle value, take photos, create listings and set up views and test drives.  I limit your involvement plus save you stress and time by answering all potential buyer emails, texts, and phone inquiries plus meet with potential buyers, so you don’t have to. I negotiate the price on your behalf and bring to you all offers to purchase for your approval. Once you have agreed on the sale price I will arrange for you, along with myself as your representative, to meet the buyer at a bank of your choice to complete the transaction. Just show up at the bank, bring the vehicle title, and collect your money in a safe and secure environment.  The Karczar does all the of the work eliminating the hassle and time selling your vehicle and providing top dollar at the time of sale.


Purchasing a car is a difficult task, time-consuming, a big expense, and can be overwhelming to think about.  So many brands, so many colors, so many choices, the process can seem daunting and that’s where I have a better way. Karczar Concierge Service does all the work for you. Finding the new or used specialty vehicle you want.  In the right color combinations, with the right options and without the need to set foot in a car dealership or deal with a private seller that has a vehicle you are interested in.  I will locate for you that hard to find a classic car, hotrod, muscle car, sports car or exotic vehicle.

Karczar concierge service can help a wide range of people including first-time car buyers, parents buying their son or daughter their first car, senior citizens, busy professionals who may not have the time to go through the car buying process or anyone who is intimidated by the car-buying process. The benefit of using a Karczar concierge service is three-fold: save time, save money and save aggravation

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